WODEN Ronja Sneakers - Pink and lilac


The Ronja sneaker is based on an innovative design with cool colour block details and a sporty design. Our minds were blown with how they source their materials, and how comfortable their sneakers are!

Soft PU-foam is used for the sneakers insole which is both lightweight and shock absorbing. In addition to the characteristic WODEN cork sole, Ronja features a WODEN airflow footbed to ensure breathability and provides an ultra soft walking experience.


• Recycled textiles
• Molded EVA sole
• LWG certified leather
• Fish leather details
• Cork insole with Airflow system

The fish leather that is used in all WODEN sneakers is a waste product from the Icelandic fishing and food industry. An industry in which only 1% of the skin is actually used, and the rest is destroyed. The fish leather, which comes primarily from salmon skins, is both hard-wearing and sustainable due to the unique cross-fibre structure of the fish leather which makes it up to 9 times stronger than calf leather. The fish leather is treated and tanned in Iceland using gentle and eco-friendly methods aided by Iceland’s natural hot springs. This tanning process produces 0% carbon emissions!)

Recycled Polyester: WODEN sneakers’ backing consists of 50% recycled polyester from PET bottles. By using everyday waste to create new textiles for their sneakers, they minimize the use of crude oil in the production of new fibres. It also means that their textile production is less energy-consuming.

C0rk - All WODEN insoles are covered with the characteristic WODEN cork. The cork that they use is harvested in Argentina and Portugal. The bark of a cork tree can be harvested gently every ten years. Since the cork trees are not felled, the bark can be harvested over several hundred years. When the cork trees begin to form new bark, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This contributes to a positive reduction in the planet’s CO2 levels.

Algae: Pollution causes excessive growth of harmful algae in fresh water. When the algae die and sink to the bottom, the decomposition process uses the oxygen from the water. At worst, this results in oxygen depletion, causing fish, benthos and plants to die. By collecting algae and using them in their EVA soles, they reduce their need for crude oil and support UN Sustainable Development Goal number 14: Life below water.

Recycled rubber: WODEN’s soles are made of 65% natural rubber, 10% recycled rubber and 25% conventionally produced rubber. The composition ensures elasticity and durability without compromising on support. They work continuously to increase the proportion of recycled rubber even more without compromising the quality of their sneakers.

FIT: Some customers (including us at Marlene & Co!) found them small fitting and we sized up. If you have a wide foot, we would recommend sizing up.


WODEN is a Scandinavian sneaker brand with a focus on Scandinavian design values, high-quality natural materials and great value for money. We believe in products and people, which is why our shoes are designed with care and produced by passionate and talented people. Fashion, functionality and anatomy are essential elements of the WODEN DNA, ensuring that our sneakers are meticulously designed for urban life.



Care Instructions

Wipe clean with damp cloth. Do not put in the washing machine.