Núnoo is a Danish independent accessories label founded in 2015 by sisters by Pia Silfen-Jensen and Naja Silfen. Sustainability is a big part of the brand and they use recycled fabrics and organic leather in many of their styles. Núnoo is on a  journey towards becoming a 100% climate-neutral and sustainable enterprise.

Núnoo's goals within the next 10 years include:

All products are produced in biodegradable material, and recycling as much as possible – what’s not recycled is degraded without consequences for the environment and climate. Exclusive use of electricity from renewable energy sources. Minimal use of water in the production and what is used is discharged without consequences for the environment and climate. Responsible business operations and ethics towards all stakeholders, including supply chain and environment. All packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable material and during its lifetime it will be used several times. All waste is biodegradable and sorted correctly.

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