Voir ring (pearl)


How to wear?
Mimi et Toi jewellery is made to go with everything so that they can be worn every day. We love layering and combining as many pieces as possible. The Voir ring goes great with other rings in a similar colour and wears beautiful on your ring, middle finger and index finger.

About the pearls
The pearls are Fresh Water Pearls, which means that the pearls are farmed in pearl oysters and freshwater mussels. Or rather cared for in a defined place in either salt water or fresh water farms. The shape of the pearls they use are called Baroque. Baroque Pearls are some of the most fascinating organic gems because of their irregular non-spherical shape.

Width pearl 1 cm / 0,39 inch
Height pearl 0,6 cm / 0,24 inch


18k gold plated brass

Do you already have a ring that fits well? If you do, measure the diameter of the inside of your ring with a measuring tape.
Make sure that you only measure the inner diameter of the ring and do not include outside of the ring. The number of millimetres you measure is your ring size.
The rings are available in whole sizes between 15 and 19.



MIMI ET TOI is a minimalist jewellery brand that offers a wide range of high-quality pieces. Their collection is designed to be both stylish, versatile, and durable. Mimi van Dijk is the founder and creative brain behind MIMI ET TOI.  Her collections illustrate her love for the connection between art, travel and architecture.



Care Instructions

Care instructions
 In time, raw brass might oxidize or display darker color than when you received it. Patina and Oxidation is natural.

As brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it naturally tarnishes when exposed to oxygen. It may occur gradually over a long period of time, or quicker with exposure to humidity, chemicals, or cosmetics.

Any discoloration can be quickly remedied, as all raw brass items can easily and always be restored to their original colour with some easy care. To reduce the frequency in which you may need to clean or spot treat your brass, try to keep your brass out of humidity and wipe your pieces clean after a day or night of wear. We advise ‘Brasso coppery shine’ and a soft piece of cloth.

Keep hands clean and dry or add a layer of clear nail polish on the inside of the band to prevent oxidation and marks on the skin. Remove, rings before washing hands, cooking, cleaning, or applying lotions for the longevity of your piece.