Rose Suzani coat



The Rose Suzani Coat is a long coat with detachable belt and pockets in the side seams.  A showstopper, the coat has buttons down the front and a small shirt collar on the neckline. The coat is made in cotton canvas, and it is made with eye-catching Suzani embroidery all over.

This artwork features poppy flowers, hearts, strawberries and a huge Yin and Yang symbol, that represent the interconnectedness of the natural world. What spung to mind when we saw this first was the jacket that Jill Biden wore at her husband's inauguration. Such is the detail and handmade love that has gone into the embroidery:)

Fit: We found them to be casual fitting/ oversized.

The Small - Medium approximately size 8 -14 and the M/L a size 14-18.


  • Full length: 122 cm
  • Chest: 116 cm


  • Full length: 124 cm
  • Chest: 122 cm

About the brand:

SISSEL EDELBO was born out of the friendship between childhood friends Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Christina Edelbo in 2004 with the vision of creating a fashion brand based on pure values.

Their clothes are made to last season after season as they pride themselves on good craftsmanship. Over the years SISSEL EDELBO has become synonymous with responsible fashion.



Care Instructions