Elppá Appleskin™ Shoe - Charcoal

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This sustainably made shoe is a retake on the classic tennis shoe. Made from Appleskin, we found the Elppá shoe to be the perfect everyday shoe. Dressier than a sneaker, pair these shoes with jeans, skirts, dresses or even suits. The Elppá shoe will take you anywhere!

Fit: We found the fit true to size and we loved the extra inch we gained from sole! Please note the sizing is European sizing.


Appleskin™ Upper: Upper: AppleSkinTM: Apple (48%) Organic cotton (19%) coated with bio-based PU (17%) Polyester (14%) natural pigments / colouring (2%).

Lining: Fine PUR coating on microfibre base (breathable vegan - suede like material).

Handmade Midsoles: We use a vegan Toflex welt with a recycled nylon stitch that connects the sole to the upper of the shoe.

Recycled - Removable Insoles: 60% recycled thermoplastics recovered from the automotive industry (seat production), 40% PU foam.

Laces: Certified organic cotton.


Sampla Footwear is an independent footwear brand founded by Waterford native Finbarr Power. Their main material (Appleskin™) is produced by repurposing leftover apple waste from the juice industry in northern Italy. Their laces are made from organic cotton grown in Portugal.



Care Instructions

To clean your Sampla shoes gently wash them with water and some soft soap. Use a soft sponge to wipe and then let them air dry. For the best results with washing the laces, we recommend that you wash just the laces in a washing machine. We do not recommend you putting your shoes in the washing machine.