Coffee date (1 pce)


Do you love coffee? Or is there a coffee lover in your life that you love going on coffee dates with? Why not give them the cutest little coffee mug as a reminder of the happy times spent together!

Tip! It fits your left ear well as the handle is facing outwards.

Dimension: 6mm x 3mm

Surface: Shiny

Material: Gold plated sterling silver

Jewelry from LULU Copenhagen is always nickel-free.

**Please note this earring is sold separately and not as a pair**

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Please note that this earring is sold separately and not as a pair. One of the reasons we fell in love with LULU (aside from their love of fun and colour!) was their minimum waste ethos. They sell their candy shop earrings individually so that if you lose one – you can buy another single earring or mix and match. LULU Copenhagen is an independent jewellery brand founded by Danish couple Anja & Rasmus Gottliebsen.



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