Made Obvious Upcycled Sweaters


Made Obvious Upcycled sweaters are unique, one off and sustainable pieces. The idea is to craft something new (and hopefully better!) from something old and unused, meaning that clothes remain in circulation and don't end up in landfill.

Process: Lia appliqués the patchwork fabric to a discarded sweater, this fabric is organic cotton and comes from the surplus fabric from her dress making.

Through purchasing an upcycled sweater you are keeping clothes out of landfill:-)



Made Obvious is a slow fashion brand based in Madrid, Spain. Founded by Irish print designer Lia Quigley, Lia started made obvious to ensure her prints were used on sustainable and ethically produced products, and to respect the natural world that inspires so much of her work. All products are handmade from her studio in Madrid.



Care Instructions

It can be machine washed at 30 degrees celsius.