Hera Colossal Knit Jacket


The Hera Colossal Knit Jacket is handmade from vegan yarn and features balloon sleeves and large patchwork stitching. It was love at first sight for us with the colossal knit jackets!

The jacket is quite cropped in body length so if you prefer oversized, we advise styling up. The model in these photos wears a M/L.

Each Hope Macaulay piece is unique and any variations in the design are characteristics of their handmade nature. Due to the delicateness of the garment, we ask you to handle it with special care and read the care instructions carefully. TLC all the way!

Material: 100% acrylic yarn.



Hope Macaulay is an independent fashion label founded by Derry based designed Hope Macaulay. Specialising in knitwear, all of her garments are handmade locally by a team of knitters and seamstresses in Northern Ireland.



Care Instructions

Please do not wash in the washing machine. We recommend professional dry cleaners and to use the technique called spot cleaning immediately if you have any small stains on your printed garment or knitwear piece. To spot clean, damp a cloth with cold or warm water and pat the area. Please be extra careful if you are spot cleaning your knitwear piece - do not use soap or rub the area, as it may result in felted wool/yarn.

Please take into consideration when you receive your super colossal knitwear piece that pilling may occur when worn. This is totally natural and due to the delicate, luxurious nature of the un-spun wool/yarn. Pilling is loose fibre, shedding or little balls that form when the knitwear piece is worn. This may happen more on the inside of the garment due to the friction against our clothes.

To remove any pilling, we recommend using a Hope Macaulay Knitwear Comb to brush through your knitwear piece. You can order these in the accessories section of our website. Sharp scissors can also be used to remove any pilling or loose fibres, but be extremely careful not to cut into your knitwear piece. If the pilling is very loose, you can also very gently pull off with your fingers, but please be very careful not to pull too hard!

To keep your knitwear looking fresh, we recommend using a technique called petting (yes petting!!) By petting or stoking your chunky knit, it can bond any delicate fibres together. Also giving your knit a little shake is also a great technique to get rid of any dust and keep your knit looking fresh.