Fergie Blanket Collar - No.29


SISSEL EDELBO was born out of the friendship between childhood friends Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Christina Edelbo in 2004, with the vision of making a fashion brand built on clean, sustainable values. Aesthetically the brand has a preference for feminine and colourful prints, and sustainably made textiles. With the majority of their fabric coming from deadstock or recycled fabrics,  SISSEL EDELBO is a brand that has become synonymous with responsible fashion and good craftsmanship.

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The Fergie Blanket Collar is an accessory made from Indian patchwork cotton blankets. This one-of-a-kind statement collar is a fun add on to brighten up any outfit. Wear it over a shirt, jacket, sweater, or coat - it will transform any outfit!

Material: The collar is tied together with cotton strings and has a playful ruffle along the collar edge. On the backside you will find handprinted organic cotton. The collar has been made from leftover fabric from SISSEL EDELBO's suppliers’ production. They are passionate about the idea of using existing leftover fabrics instead of producing new materials.

"Blankets made from leftover fabric has been made in India for hundreds of years. With this blanket wear item, we cherish traditional Indian handwork and our love for slow fashion.  " - SISSEL EDELBO



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